Why We have Changed

  1. Diamonds Factory has unveiled a new look and theme, presenting a new way of buying customized diamond jewelry, allowing shoppers to design their own piece of diamond jewelry.
  2. Our new smart engine will provide daily price updates as well as giving you the customer full control over the personalisation of our beautifully crafted jewelry. The new site is faster and easier to use. Real time customization is now possible, allowing customers to select the design of their jewelry and immediately see how their designs will look.
  3. These new designs and functions within the Diamonds Factory website have been made after extensive user experience and usability studies over the past six months, in line with customer feedback.
  4. The entire catalogue of the site has also been updated with a wide range of brand new jewelry designs for 2014/2015, including wedding, engagement and eternity rings as well as diamond earrings and pendants.

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