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Embark upon the most memorable journey of yours in creating the most unique Engagement Ring that you would cherish forever. We truly understand the significance of these moments and have strived our best to bring you more than 100's of designs which could be mounted with any diamond of your choice.

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Choosing a budget engagement ring has never been so easy, offering budget engagement rings that are high in quality yet lower priced. Its proposal time make the most of it and gift her affordable ring that she'll love.

Since time immemorial three stone rings has been a symbol of love and it epitomises the past, present and future of your love life. Contemporary diamond trilogy rings mark the renaissance of the three-stone diamond rings.

Ring Size Guide

Ordering your Ring in the correct size is absolutely very essential. Ring size guide can be of great help in such times when you are not sure of the ring size. Read more


Choosing the right setting for your diamond is an essential part in creating your engagement ring. Read more

The classic engagement ring is composed of two parts: a diamond and a setting. For the best value, find the engagement ring setting she'll love then devote the remainder of your budget to beautiful, certified diamond. Finding the perfect engagement ring can become very challenging if you don't know what you’re looking for or aren't provided with the right guidance and education. No matter how you go about making a decision, we're here to help you find that perfect engagement ring. Read more

Choosing the right metal is an essential part of the entire engagement ring process but rest is easy because it's a probably one of the less complicated ones you'll make. When presented with the choices of the white gold, yellow gold, platinum, or palladium the important facts, besides personal preference, are all you need to know. Click on each metal category to learn more and also visit our Metal Comparison page to compare each metal side by side before making a decision. Read more

Here at The Diamonds Factory the goal of our diamond education page is to answer all questions that may come to mind while making such an important purchase. Each section is designed to explain a diamonds characteristic, how important and complicated each aspect of the diamond is and how every characteristic affects its overall beauty. Not only will you learn everything there is to know about the 4 C's of a diamond but you will also become expert on what gives a diamond its overall values and beauty. Read more